Usage Types

HPC services are provided to the research projects depending on the project type. These types are classified as follows:

Academic Projects • This type covers the scientific research and applied projects conducted by state universities and state research departments.
• HPC service charges for academic projects in our center is in the table below: :

Core-hour Storage Space (GB) -Year
Server System 3,5 Kuruş + %18VAT 20 Kuruş + %18VAT
• Charges for nodes which have big memory are 50% more.
Student Projects • UHeM provides HPC services for university level and above students via its Student Research Support Program. Application for HPC services used in student projects is simpler than application of research projects.

• Access to HPC services will be ceased upon exhaustion of assigned resources.

• The available support for students is listed in the following table.

Student Core-hours Storage Space (GB)
Undergraduate 10000 10 GB
MS 40000 40 GB
PhD 80000 80 GB
Industrial R&D Projects • This type covers the projects that require HPC services, conducted by R&D departments of public and private sector institutions.
• To get information about service charges for industrial R&D projects please send an e-mail to
EU Projects • UHeM is the principal partner of Turkey in PRACE-1IP, PRACE-2IP, PRACE-3IP and PRACE-4IP (Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, Implementation Phase) projects. The projects have DECI (Distributed European Computing Initiative) calls for the researchers to use HPC resources. UHeM contributes HPC resources and supports DECI calls.
Academic Preparation Program Academic Preparation Program, includes free 200,000 cpu-hour and 100 GB storage resource support to be provided by National Center for High Performance Computing (UHeM) in order to encourage all faculty members working at our universities to apply for research projects.
  • The faculty members who never used our center before and who are in preparation for project application, such as TUBITAK, BAP etc.
  • The faculty members who is currently a user in our center and who are in preparation for a new project application such as TUBITAK, BAP etc.
  • The faculty members who currently have a project (TUBITAK, BAP etc.) in our center and can not provide a budget from their projects that are in the final phase , but need resources to complete their final work for the closure of the project,
  • can apply to the Academic Preparation Program.
Note : It is compulsory to be a faculty member at any university to apply for resource support of Academic Preparation Program. Students and research assistants can not benefit from this support.