About Us

The National Center for High Performance Computing (UHeM) is located in Istanbul Technical University’s Ayazaga Campus. The center provides high performance computing (HPC) services to scientific, research and development projects. UHeM enables these services from its datacenter that houses its own hardware and software infrastructure.

UHeM started as a project of National Center for High Performance Computing and used the acronym UYBHM, in 2004. This project was supported by the State Planning Organization. UYBHM started providing HPC and training services in late 2006. In 2010 the center was recognized as National Application and Research Center for High Performance Computing by a regulation published in the Official Gazette No. 27798 dated December 27, 2010 and changed its acronym to UHeM.

UHeM has allocated over 85 million CPU-hours of computing resources to 65 public institutions since 2006. The center has provided hardware and software infrastructure to 750 scientific projects and has organized over 100 training events. More than 1600 participants have attended these training events.

The major scientific areas of the projects that have been using UHeM’s services can be listed as follows: climate and earth sciences, astrophysics, high energy and plasma physics, materials science and nanotechnology, molecular chemistry, life sciences and bioinformatics, computational fluid dynamics.

Mission and Vision

Our mission :

  • Provide high performance computing (HPC) and data storage services,
  • Being a national synergy center for research areas requiring high performance computing,
  • Ensure the compliance of our computing resources with the evolving technology and their efficient use,
  • Engage in various educational activities to promote the usage of high performance computing in academia and industry.

Target User Groups in our HPC Center:

  • Research and Application Projects of universities, public research units,
  • R&D departments of industrial companies that need computational resources for their services,
  • Research projects conducted through international cooperation.